Every love story is one of a kind. You're not just another date on a calendar to me. I want to get to know YOU and what makes you unique. I don't want to just get some pretty pictures in a field. I want to tell your love story. I'm here to provide a safe space for you to be yourself. I can only capture your genuine moments and emotions if we're comfortable with each other and know each other on a deeper level.

My passion comes from a deep connection with art and creating beauty from the ordinary. The root of my inspiration comes from the transience of life, beauty and youth.

When I'm not chasing my passion, I'm usually hanging out with my husband and three dogs- Baxter, Duke and Charlie. We love traveling, scuba diving, hiking, golfing, watching movies, working out and cooking together. Our love is what propels me and inspires me to capture the love stories of others.

it's the genuine chemistry of my couples that ignites me. it's seeing them pull through the tough moments when something inevitably doesn't go as planned. it's witnessing the sparkle in their eyes as they promise to love their partner forever.


Howdy!  it's me,

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some of my favorite things:

your uniqueness is your magic



We exist


equal parts

love is
play & romance


is worth

fighting for


I believe
I'm inspired by

renaissance paintings
different cultures' art
the seasons // cycles of life

the night sky
historic architecture
movies and film

vintage magazines
walks in nature

are you ready?

You deserve for your story to be treated like it is my own. That's my number one. That's what I aim to leave my couples with -- a feeling of trust and security knowing that I got your back.
So my question is: