Full Moon Lake Thunderbird Engagement

Rebekah + KeAndre

Rebekah + KeAndre’s engagement shoot at Lake Thunderbird in Norman, Oklahoma was a photographer’s dream.

I remember going into Rebekah + KeAndre’s engagement shoot they were pretty nervous. Rebekah said something along the lines of “we’re not very photogenic and very awkward in front of the camera”. When we got to their first location I gave them their first prompt and I instantly thought they were pulling my leg. They absolutely smashed it! Their chemistry was unreal. Not to mention they are the most down-to-earth, sweetest people. 

As a photographer, I hear this all the time. It’s completely normal to be a little nervous! Heck, I’m nervous in front of my own camera 🤣. Just know I got your back and will do everything in my power to make your shoot as fun and easy as possible! 

Some tips if you’re nervous:

1. Stand up straight and roll your shoulders back. Posture makes a huge difference in photos!

2. Ignore that I’m there and focus on your boo 😉

3. Go into your shoot with the mindset that it’s a fun date! Go for dinner before or after and reminisce on old photos or your favorite memories. 

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