Sulphur Country Engagement

Brialey + Taw

Brialey + Taw fully trusted me and were their authentic selves during their Sulphur engagement shoot. When I asked what her vision for her shoot was she said she definitely wanted to do it on her land because it’s a very special place for her and Taw. Obviously, their land is beautiful, but I think that’s a common misconception in photography. Just take pictures in a pretty field or location and they’ll turn out great. I would disagree. A beautiful background is great, but telling your story is even better. That’s what you’ll remember decades from now. Take pictures in a place that is special to you or vibes with your personality. Don’t take pictures in a field if you hate the outdoors and are going to have major anxiety about getting dirty or all the bugs. However, if your true joy in life is rolling in the grass and riding horses with the love of your life. It’s going to shine through in your photos 🤍

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