Autumn Turner Falls Engagement

Allison and Benny

turner falls engagement

It was a crisp November morning at this Turner Falls Engagement. All the trees were doing their grand finale; displaying their beautiful leaves before they went dormant for winter. The sky was as clear and the sun was a soft warm glow. Their love for each other truly shined as we explored the overlooks and trails.

Allison and Benny drove two hours to meet me here at 7:00 am for their sunrise shoot. They arrived chipper and ready to shoot even though it was pretty cold. If that doesn’t tell you something about their personality, I don’t know what does. I had such a fun time listening to them tell me about their engagement. Benny had it all planned out and secretly got her ring shipped to their hotel where they were vacationing. Being an adventurous couple who loves traveling, hiking and rock climbing- Turner Falls was a perfect location for them. We started out shooting by the waterfall. There were some really pretty trees by the waterfall that were changing color. When most people think of the leaves changing they think of October. This is true they do start changing in late September and October, but it’s not until the first or second week of November that they all truly change. In two weeks’ time, almost all of them will have dropped. We were lucky for this Turner Falls engagement to have caught them at the perfect time. With the perfect leaves and so much love in the air, I couldn’t have asked for a better session. As I drove away, I was giddy with excitement just knowing how the pictures were going to turn out. I’m so excited to shoot more golden hour autumn sessions at Turner Falls. I’ll be dreaming of them until next fall.

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